Community Solar. Simplified.


what we do

Deploy simple and transparent resources to scale community solar

SunCentral offers elegant and responsive resources to manage the complexity of community solar. Built by industry veterans, SunCentral combines deep industry expertise with the most comprehensive and flexible software in the industry.

SunCentral combines four distinct services with the goal to advance customer access to clean energy, stakeholder transparency, and streamline management of distributed generation resources:


Sign-up Portal

Billing & Management Portal

Subscriber Engagement Portal


Allocation Management

Accounts Receivable

Reporting & Compliance


Digital Marketing

Sales Network

Churn Management


Program & Product Design

Policy Analysis



why sunCentral

Partner, Customize, Scale

SunCentral aims to build community solar into a sustainable segment of the distributed generation industry. To support that goal, SunCentral is designed to be adapted and customized to fit the ever-evolving needs of the industry.

Building a brand presence in New York? White label SunCentral and put your brand front-and-center with subscribers.

Managing legacy portfolios with tight margins? Automate accounts receivable management and compliance reporting.

Facing higher than anticipated churn rates? Work with SunCentral Management to enhance subscriber engagement and deploy content.

Launching into a new community solar market? Use the market-specific logic and algorithms in the platform to size subscriptions, maximize subscriber savings, and deliver compliant off-take records all in one place.

Developers, energy service companies, and project owners, SunCentral makes managing programs, portfolios, projects, and customers easy through a centralized database.