A Customer Management Platform for Community Solar


How we do it

Designed for Customers, Developers, and Utilities

SunCentral is designed to make managing community solar projects simple. Whether a project has five customers or 5,000, SunCentral organizes and streamlines data collection allowing energy production to be shared and invoiced automatically.

For the customer, access to easily understandable and clear information is key. SunCentral creates a sense of tangibility for customers by virtually bringing them on-site to their solar array and connecting them with all of their project data in a clean and simple to understand way.


what we do

Simplified Community Solar Management

SunCentral is more than solar array production monitoring. It is a customer management platform that makes solar production data understandable to customers while simplifying payment processing and tracking, making managing projects and utility programs painless.

This platform allows customers to see their projects, track production, pay bills, and keep an eye on their savings. SunCentral focuses strongly on user experience and strives to make participation in community solar virtually effortless.

For developers, utilities, and project owners, SunCentral makes managing programs, projects, portfolios, and customers easily accessible in one place.