How it Works



SunCentral is simple to use for both customers and project administrators. Easy to digest figures, graphs, and data leaves customers feeling educated and empowered by giving them the information they need to understand their solar energy production.


User Interface and Customer Experience

  • Clear brand visibility and modern design

  • Simple dashboard that focuses on what customers want to see

  • Easily understood energy performance and savings information


Customer and Project Management

  • Allocate customer meters to one or more projects

  • Manage charges and utility credits for each customer meter

  • View and manage revenue per customer, project, and portfolio



Subscription and Billing Settings

  • Offer customers payment options, credit card or ACH

  • Allow customers to maintain multiple payment methods and update as need

  • Process payments easily through market leading and secure third-parties

  • Send and process customer invoices automatically

  • Display all past statements in one place